Sunday, October 3, 2010

You favorite Disney Parks attraction, now a major motion picture

Ever since "Pirates of the Caribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" made upwards of $100 million at the box office, Disney has been pumping out movies based on Disney Parks attractions. "The Haunted Mansion," starring Eddie Murphy, which I think we can all agree was a terrible movie is now being remade with director Guillermo Del Torro at the helm. I think we can all agree that it will be a much better film, but that's not the point.

From the "Country Bear's" adaptation, to the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie to the fictional Matterhorn on HBO's "Entourage," the idea has been that if it's a popular ride at the basis of a plot, a popular movie can be produced. Well, now there may be a movie based on an entire park. Good idea, right? One popular ride makes a popular movie, but what about a park full of popular rides as a plot-point? Move over "Avatar," your B.O. records are about to be obliterated.

According to, "Ronald Moore ("Battlestar Galactica") has written a draft of the script but the studio is looking to develop it further with a new writer before moving forward."

The film's plot will be Disney's take on their newly acquired Marvel's "The Avengers," with all the popular Disney characters making an appearance. Sounds interesting enough, and Ronald Moore does not seem like the kind of cheap talent that Disney usually picks to pen their studio-system movies.

Is this a great idea for a movie, or a great idea from the marketing department to promote the Disney Parks?

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