Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disney Cruise line voted #1 By Readers of Traveler Magazine

I would like to start off by saying Duh. Of course the Disney Cruise line won. It's the best, and I'm not saying this because I'm obviously biased towards anything that's Disney. I'm actually more critical of anything with the Disney name on it than anything else, quite like an older brother who holds his younger sibling to higher standards because he loves him more than anyone else.

I've been on two cruises in my lifetime: a weeklong Carnival cruise I took when I was fourteen, the other a three day Disney cruise when I was 12. Obviously, my 12-year-old perspective differs from my 14-year-old perspective which differs even further from the 19-year-old perspective that I'm writing from now. That doesn't seem to matter much, as even now I look back on my Disney cruise experience with a much higher regard than my Carnival one.

The Disney cruise was much more focused on entertaining the family. It had many more activities that could either be done by the whole family or ones that were designated for just adults, just children or just teens. The ports we stopped at were much more exciting (the Carnival cruise was in Mexico, the Disney in the Bahamas), due for the most part because of the stop at Castaway Cay.

Like everything, Disney had great attention to detail when it came the the nuances. With their new cruise ship, they will have virtual portal holes. Expensive: probably. Worth the money? Definitely.

The thing that separated the two ships the most was the Disney Cruise Line's lack of a casino. What a waste of space dedicated to only one faction of the audience. Carnival felt like it was a ship designated for adults that served as a floating babysitter for the kiddies. Boo. Plus the water slide wasn't even working. Double Boo.

I know that Carnival isn't the only competition for the Disney Cruise Line, but I'm going to go ahead and say that it is a fair representation of what the Disney Cruise Lines have got that the others don't.

So am I psyched for the new Disney Dream? You bet.

What are your favorite nuances of the Disney Cruise Line's ships, new and old?

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