Saturday, October 2, 2010

What removing the Maliboomer means for Disney's California Adventure

The Maliboomer being deconstructed, piece
by piece

Today, the dismantling of the Maliboomer begun. An iconic ride at Disney's California Adventure, the towering structure will no longer be a part of the Anaheim skyline.

But what was it iconic of? The park itself? Thrills? Fun? Paradise Pier?

Wrong wrong wrong and wrong. That's a 0/4. You just failed the rhetorical question test.

To me, and many "Disney originalists," the Maliboomer was a sky-scraping monument to how DCA was not something Walt would have approved of.

As I posted on MSM's facebook page ("like" us, please), Walt dreamt up Disneyland as a sort of anti-amusement park, a clean haven for adults and children alike.

Basically, to have a park for people who weren't big on rides like the Maliboomer.

Up until the current renovation (video), and even still a little bit today, Paradise Pier is the antithesis for his parks. And the Maliboomer, with it's not frills, barebones drop-zone ride format was the epitome of everything Walt rebelled against.

With the new, 1923 throwback style, Paradise Pier may have enough charm to overshadow the fact that it doesn't belong in anything with the Disney label on it.

Apparently it's not only me who feels this way about the 'boomer. It's replacement: a glorified patch of grass.

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