Monday, October 4, 2010

Internet and gaming division to the Internet division and Gaming Division

The New York Times reported today that "the Walt Disney Company shook up its underperforming Internet and gaming division on Sunday, effectively splitting the unit in two and tapping two outsiders to lead the businesses."

Big deal, right? We care about the parks not about Disney's bottom line.
Disney's website getting a makeover?

Disney's website will no doubt be experiencing a makeover in the coming months
Well, kind of.

Like it or not, the decisions of top executives at Disney have a trickle down effect on the parks, unless they make a decision directly dealing with them. In that case, it's more a super-soaker kill shot at the castles.

Plus, if you're doing research about the parks or just want to be

reminded of their wonder, a visit to any of Disney's websites always offers a pinch of magic. They hope to turn that pinch into a dash, maybe even a tablespoon. Can they do it?

Not if they keep on making ridiculous acquisitions like Club Penguin or Tapulous. Sure, they are cool websites, but were they started with the Disney spirit in mind? No, they were not, and they weren't bought because of the the spirit, either.

Disney is one of the most powerful brands in the world, and it has been since the earliest Mickey Cartoons came out. Creating things like "World of Cars" and changing the image of Mickey Mouse to fit in with the new videogame ""Epic Mickey" do one thing: dilute the brand.

At one time, the company had a specific thing that it was known for: being innovative, taking risks, and overall putting out an unparalleled product. Not anymore. Check out the Metascore of "You Again."

If Disney can create groundbreaking websites and game changing video games then I will welcome in the new products with open arms.

But they won't.

They will make more acquisitions with the intent to appease stockholders by increasing their monthly dividends (Well, not all of them: I have a couple hundred Disney shares, and I'm writing this).

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