Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disneyland, the Cliché

A few months ago, I signed up on Google to get daily "Disneyland" and "Walt Disney World" news updates. I figured it'd be an easy way to keep up with the daily happenings of the two resorts. In a way it was, but it revealed quite a bit more than just current Disney parks info.

Walt giving his opening day speech at Disneyland
It turns out publications across the country have a love affair with comparing things to Disneyland. "It's the adult version of Disneyland" or "It's the Disneyland of [fill in the blank]" blah blah blah.

I guess people just aren't that creative when it comes to comparisons. Instead of getting a daily e-mail about Disneyland, I get one about cliches. I've learned a lot more about how journalists and bloggers across the country all use one comparison when they want to get it across that whatever they're talking about is some entertainment mecca, or more specialized and fun than everything else out there.  Just like if the Winkelvoss's had invented Faceboook, they'd have invented Facebook, if "it" was the "Disneyland" of its whatever, it'd be Disneyland.

It's not just that it's overused, it's misused. Disneyland, according to Walt's vision, is for everyone. That's why the park has events ranging from "Bat Day" where people who dress in what is labeled the goth style congregate at the park to the MLB All Star Parade down Main Street U.S.A. There is no demographic that any of the parks target specifically.

Disneyland is the Disneyland of Disneyland.

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