Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In a genius promotion, MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Disney to create the Venomous Villains collection of makeup inspired by three classic Disney villains, and the bad guy from "Princess and the Frog."

On a recent trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, I passed by the MAC store (not the Apple Store) and noticed some Disney villains staring back at me. I had remembered reading about it, so I decided to go and check it out.

Despite my overwhelming masculinity, the lady behind the counter and I struck up a conversation. She told me that, to prepare for the promotion, Mac sent their trainers to Disneyland to envelop themselves in the Disney magic.

In the near future, she told me, Disney will also be having a promo party at a local hotel where guests can dress up as their favorite Disney villains.

It was great getting a taste of Disney here in AZ, and even though there's was a Disney store nearby, I still enjoyed the dose of Disney magic.

As one of the pictures in the slideshow depicts, some of the makeup has already sold out, even though it's only been on the shelves since last Thursday, the 30.

As a man, I can't indulge in this new promotion, at least not in public. Do you see your makeup drawer getting a tad bit more villainous in the near future?

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