Sunday, October 17, 2010

R2D2 Mickey Mouse ear hats? Yes Please!

Star Wars is a big part of my life that often crosses over into the Disney part of my life. Every time I go to Disneyland, "Star Tours" is always one of my first stops (Except this next trip, because it's closed in prep for Star Tours II. We'll see how that goes).

The new and highly coveted R2D2 ear hat
Last time I was in Anaheim, I got a Yoda backpack, a plush E-wok and Yam Solo. This christmas my mom got me a Yoda flash drive. Back when I was young and nieve, I was Jar-Jar Binks for Halloween (Admittedly, I still don't hate the guy like everyone else did/does). More so than even the plots and story lines of the movies, the characters that inhabit the Star Wars universe fascinate me. 

So earlier today, when I read about the new R2D2 Mickey Mouse ears hats, I was pumped. Apparently, yesterday when they went on sale, everyone at the parks were just as pumped as I was, because they sold out almost immediately

I found the design to be a great blend of Vinylmation ingenuity and Star Wars originality while still capturing the classic essence of the ear-hats

I've always thought that the Disney parks and Stars Wars were a match made in space heaven. I will miss the old Star Tours, but am excited for the new one. Plus, with the new opening, Disney will no doubt be putting out a steady stream of new Stars Wars inspired merchandise, like the new R2D2 ear hat.

I can't wait until next summer, when I'll be in Orlando for the Disney College Program during the next Stars Wars Weekends. 

Will you be picking up a new R2D2 ear hat on your next stop to any of the Disney parks, and are you excited or on the fence about Star Tours 2? 

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  1. I LOVED the original ST so I am waiting with guarded optimism. The ears are amazing. I know someone will want them at Thanksgiving.....