About the Blog

Main St. Monitor is a blog originally created for my JMC 305: Online Media class at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The subject of they Disney parks was chosen because I, Preston Carter Melbourne-Weaver, love the Disney Parks only slightly less than my girlfriend and mother. They win by a slight margin.

I decided to take the assignment a little more seriously than my classmates, and have kept the blog going. I am no longer doing it for credit, but as a hobby. The class served as a kind of kick-start, getting me to commit something I had always wanted to do anyway.

Main Street Monitor's mission is not to gets thousands of hits by aggregating other people's stories which they worked hard to write. It's to provide a unique, informed view on all things Disney. If you like the blog, please follow on Blogger, Twitter (which I use primarily to share Disney news) like us on Facebook, or just tell your friends about it.

I'm a journalism major, so I hope to provide a more professional blog about all things Disney, providing both my extensive knowledge on all things Disney and professional training.

It's a blog for everyone, from lifelong Disney fans to people who are about to take their first trip to a Disney park. It's not supposed to be exclusive, just a interesting, entertaining read.

In the blog you will find updates about the goings on at the parks, photos, and witty commentary on all things Disney. So, come early and come often and feel free to comment.