Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So, Explain this Disney University Thing

Today is January the 4th, 2011. That means it’s 14 days, or exactly two weeks before I get on a plane at Sacramento International, and then 8 or so hours later, get off in Orlando (I get to stop in Denver first, just to feel what freezing is like before I head off to the tropics.) Then, one day later, or 15 days from today for those of you who are doing the math and are having trouble adding that 1 to 14, I start one of the most important experiences of my life: The Disney College Program.

The original plan for EPCOT: Want to hear about it?
I’ve talked a bit about my upcoming experience, but now that it’s so close, I’ve got a completely different perspective on it.

Having come back home, I encounter people almost on a daily basis who are curious about the program, making me a sort of ambassador for the program, which thus far I’ve only been accepted into, having not experienced a day of the actual thing.

My most bare-boned response to their inquiry: “It’s a work study program, emphasis on the work.” I feel like a chump explaining it to people, because I only know what I’ve read, so I’m sort of giving them a cocktail of plagiarism and summarization.

I’ve also found that people have a preconceived idea about the program, that it’s more exclusive than it is, that there’s more “college” involved in the College Program, that it’s in Disneyland, even after I’ve said “It’s at Walt Disney World” a dozen times, or that for some reason, I’m going to ditch the resort first thing and head over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as soon as I can, because allegiance means nothing.

Eventually I explain to my lucky listeners everything I know about what it entails, to which they usually exclaim “that sounds amazing!” or “that’s so you!” and I say “Yes it does/is,” because I’m a little literal and extremely sarcastic, but I try to sound sincere (I swear, I can turn it off for on the job customer service).

If my audience is fortunate, I then will go on to either explain the history of EPCOT, or discuss with myself how it’s a stepping stone on my career path with Disney.

What all this has helped me discovered about myself is that I’m tired of explaining the program from the perspective of a prospective cast member. I want to do this, and I want it bad.

As with every thing, the closer the day comes, the further away it seems. But it really isn’t that far away, and when I think about it, there’s quite a bit to do before the important day of the 18, like say, booking my hotel room for the night before.

Better get on that.

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  1. Ugh, I may have to do this just to get a foot in... You know, 30-something year old woman in a college program. Always fun.