Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Four and the Mischievous Bus Driver

Day four, and the job finally gets started, kind of.

The training got started at least, which was quite the adventure. Mostly, the adventure was getting there. Here at the Disney College program, those of us who don’t have cars take the bus everywhere. Which means we rely on the bus drivers and a little bit of fate to get to where we need to be on time. Both those things turned out to amount to very little this morning.

My ride
I did my part, by getting up at 5:30 so I could make food, get dressed and be out of the door at 6:40 to catch the 7:05 bus that got to where I needed to be at 7:43 so I would be early for my 8:00 training. Everything was going smoothly at the Chattham square bus stop, the one nearest to my Patterson way apartment complex. A bus even got there early.

Then, all us trainees got on that early A bus to the Magic Kingdom, and when we arrived at Vista, the second stop on the way, the bus driver told us we all needed to get off, for there would be a bus waiting for us.

So we went to where the bus driver told us to go. And we waited, and waited, and then waited some more. That mythical bus never came. I called the bus services’s hotline number, and was told that there would be only one bus coming to where we were all waiting, and it would be at 7:50. Training for most of us was at 8, and it takes 15 minutes, on a quick trip, to get to the Magic Kingdom. We were not a happy bunch of people.

I decided to go over to the main bus stop, where an A bus, the one I needed to take, was leaving, filled to capacity. Another person called the bus hotline, and was told that the bus we were told to wait for was meant for people going to Traditions, the program most people from ou group had completed the previous day, where you get your name tags, which all of us had on, and apparently something the bus driver turned a blind eye to.

Eventually, another A bus pulled into the station, and when our angry mob of a group tried to get on, we were told to that we couldn’t get on. That was not the answer we were looking for. So kicked into a mob mentality, and were eventually let on the bus.

I got to where I was supposed to be at around 8:20, but our the people training us were understanding, see as about eight of us called in to tell them we were going to be late.

Then training started, and if you want to read about that, you’re a masochist and I will not enable your odd lifestyle by writing about it.

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