Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Five, Gettin' in the Jive

Out of all the days that preceded real training, today was probably the second most important one, next to traditions, where I got my Cast Member name tag.

Me and my uni
Why? Because today is the day that I got my costume and got the final news on where I will be actually working. Turns out I got almost exactly what I wanted: I'll be working at Ice Cream and Popcorn carts and the Nut Wagon in Fantasyland. At least that's what I'm going to be trained for.

Since I got here, my work location has been my biggest question. I wanted some type of outdoor cart from the start, and that's what I got. Originally, I was not too keen about working at the Magic Kingdom. I wanted basically any other park. Like I've mentioned, Disneyland is the park that inspired my Disney devotion, so when I go to the Magic Kingdom, it seems almost sacrilege to me.

I don't feel like that anymore, so you can hold your white steeds. I've seen the light, and after being here for a couple days appreciate the Magic Kingdom for what it is: a inferior imitation of Disneyland, that is not Disneyland. I'm joking, kind of. It's it own thing and I'm learning to appreciate that. After seeing The Magic, The Memories and You!, the MK definitely went up a couple notches on my respect notch pole thingy. And, like I've said before, with the Fantasyland expansion, it'll be almost on par with its california forefather.  

Spaceship Earth has nothing to do with this post,
but I went there and took picture, and I think it's
gorgeous, so I'm using it. Deal. 
But back to Day 5. It was a day that started off at 4:50 for me. I had to be at Disney University at 7:15, which means I actually had to be there at 7:00, so I had to catch the bus that arrived there at 7:04, which got to my complex at 6:25, which meant I had to be at the bus stop by 6:05, which meant I had to leave my apartment at 5:55, and before all that I had to make myself breakfast. It was an early morning.

When I got to the Disney U, I met with my group and we got to tour the Magic Kingdom, getting to know the place we would work, and would no doubt be asked thousands of questions about.

While touring the MK, we got to go on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, which I swear has a problem with its laser guns, because I keep on getting super low scores, and that's not how I do it at Disneyland. We also got to go on The Haunted Mansion, which stalled halfway through.

Then we had some computer training, which was as fun as computer training can be (Hint: it can't be fun). Finally, it was off to costuming where we got to get our threads. I'm pretty psyched that I got a simple uniform, and though the colors are odd, I get to wear shorts in the summer and a nice warm jacket now, and it's not horrendous, so I can work with it.

Tomorrow, I begin my first day of legitimate training, where I have to wear my uniform and all. I'm pretty pumped.

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