Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Product of the '90's: A Goofy Movie

It's not a film that gets mentioned often lately, but "A Goofy Movie" is one of the most memorable films for my the people of my generation that were born in the early '90's.

Rotten Tomatoes currently has the movie at a 57 percent approval rating, making it "rotten." That means nothing to my 5-year-old self.

Variety's Todd McCarthy criticized the film's score, calling the six featured songs "unmemorable." Mr. Todd McCarthy, I'd like to disagree with you on that account. Some of the songs are not the most catchy of tunes to come out of a Disney musical in the nineties, but "On the Open Road" is a classic. I still sing along to it today, 15 years later. Looks like time has proven you wrong. Although I do admit, the flagship song of the film, "Stand Up," failed for the most part to stick in my memory.

But as a young kid, the adventure of the film really grasped me. Going across the country like that, running into Bigfoot, those crazy chase scenes and the "perfect cast." You just can't beat that. The relationship between Max and Goofy was heartwarming and frustrating at the same time. Max's pursuit of Roxanne. The shenanigans they got themselves into were always cringe inducing (What fork to choose?!) but they always made it in the end.

Maybe to a lot of people, "A Goofy Movie" was a flop. I'm glad I'm not one of those people, because "A Goofy Movie" will always remain a staple of my childhood, not matter what the critics say, or how many people have forgotten about it 15 years later.

"An Extremely Goofy Movie," its direct to DVD sequel, that one was definitely a stinker. Hands down.

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