Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goodbye, Disneyland

I sit now at Gate 1 in John Wayne Airport, waiting for my flight back to Phoenix, and back to real life. It's a total bummer, but it's also a relief of some sort. I do Disneyland hard, like self-administered-sleep-torture-famine-hard.

The first, rainy night at the park
When I go to Disneyland, there is nothing more important to me than Disneyland. I throw my basic human needs aside. I literally forget I'm hungry until it becomes too blatantly obvious that I need to eat that I am forced to stop a moment and acknowledge I'm not a humanoid. I do Magic Mornings after staying in the park until midnight, and if I shop, until 1 or 2.

This trip, I got off the plane at 9:30, my mom parked the car at the hotel, and we ran to Disneyland for the remaining two hours it was open. We got so much done, for mother nature was on our side in kind of a backwards way: it was raining. I saw it as the elements separating the diehards from the tourists, shortening the lines for my obsession's delight. We got Autopia, Small World, Casey Jr., Dumbo, Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain and Haunted Mansion Holiday in in just two hours. Then we shopped and got back to the room somewhere around 2:00 am.

It was extremely satisfying getting so much done in so little time, especially since I had nothing to do that entire day, as my late class was canceled, and I skipped my other one, and got at the airport at 4 for my 8:50 flight If I had known earlier how free my day would have been, I would have gotten a flight that arrived somewhere around 2 pm instead of 9:05.

So now the whole trip is over, and the blogging about the trip and resting my body will begin. I would have gotten some blogging done if my hotel hadn't charged for WiFi, but alas, it did. I now return to a normal life, a life of full night's rests, free of fastpasses and running around gigantic parks, and, sadly, free of Disneyland's magic. It's a relief to be able to rest, but after I get a good night's sleep, I'll be wishing I was waking up in Anaheim again.

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