Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disney Merchandise: It Makes You Happy

With the marketing of Mickey Mouse, many give credit to the birth of mass-merchandising to Disney. As a huge fan of the company, its parks and its products, I would say I have a steady stream of Disney merchandise making its way into my hands monthly.

There's a snake in my boots
Like what? You ask. Well, this summer, I made a small pact with myself that I would try to convert my wardrobe  into Disney themed masterpiece. I'm close (Though all this Giant's World Series Champions gear is going to put up a roadblock in my efforts), I've got about 8 Disney shirts, ranging from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Toy Story 3. It's getting there.

But with the shirts, I don't want just any old Mickey Mouse Tee. That's too easy, you can find that kind of stuff anywhere. I like to find more unique shirts, like vintage Mickey, or Disneyland shirts, or the trio of shirts I bought when I went to Pixar. I want to show my devotion, but I also want to show that I have a taste for the original. It can be hard sometimes, seeing as Disney merchandise is not exactly a rarity.

For my senior portraits, those exciting photos you take when you graduate high school, I once again went for the combination of uniqueness and Disney. I have two outfits in the series of pictures: one a blue button down with a Mickey Ears Class of 2009 mortar board, the other, a homemade Woody costume. The latter of which was used for my senior portrait in the yearbook, accompanied by the quote "There's a snake in my boots." It was both a funny gesture and something that I will always cherish. Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang had a huge influence on my primary education days, and really my life.

What we sent to the relatives
In my room, I have 2 holograms 4 posters and one cleverly cut Disney store bag expressing my love for all things Disney. Well, most things. The majority of the posters are Toy Story, one is for the upcoming "TRON: Legacy and the last is a Walt Disney Family museum poster that has a beautiful design showcasing all the different things Walt did while alive.

I just got a pair of Disney aluminum water bottles, and have Woody and Buzz Pez machines adorning my TV. If I need to store stuff, I have a Buzz and Woody backpack. My point is, I'm awesome. Not really. I guess my point may be that I'm a little obsessed with Toy Story, but that's not it either.

Having all this Disney gear makes me feel good. Not because I'm a typical American consumer who loves to buy things, though that may be a part of it.

It's because when I look at these things, when I wear these things, it puts me in the happy place I inhabit while watching the movies or walking through the parks. I guess that's why anyone wears a jersey or a concert tee. With Disney, it's more of a profound connection. It just makes me feel so happy.

How do you feel when you put on Disney apparel?

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