Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Disney Day: How Was It?

I've probably come across as bitter for not having been able to go to Disneyland for "One More Disney Day." I'm not. I've been in the Magic Kingdom all night long. If I did it again, I think I might have stress flashbacks.

From the news about how it went for everyone yesterday, I wouldn't have needed to suffer from reliving the memories of my College Program days to be throughly stressed out.
Read it for yourself:

@DLdocumentary: I want to apologize to all kids I've complained about at Disneyland. I'll take you any day over teenagers I dealt with last night. #Disney24

#Disney24 should have been exclusive to pass holders only...what a waste #disneyland

@Disneyland: UPDATE: "One More Disney Day" @Disneyland continues to be very popular. Disneyland park is currently full. Updates to follow. #Disney24

@DLthings:I can't believe I'm saying this, but #Disney24 should have been a hard-ticket event. Anything to avoid the horrors I witnessed last night

I read tweets that claimed 2.5 hour wait times JUST TO GET INTO THE PARKING LOT.

@iamonemike 's screen shot of the traffic around Disneyland
I completely understand the novelty of attending what could be a one time Disney event. It would have been special to be part of.
But it's February. There is not reason to wait in any line more than 20 minutes at Disneyland. It's the down season, meaning the weather isn't great (I heard it hit the 40's last night) and the crowds should be slim.

So, kudos are in order to the marketing team for the event. Just like many of the different types of runDisney events, "One More Disney Day" made a typically slow day into a money making hit for the theme parks.

It just doesn't sound like any magic was made. And magic is why you go to the disney parks.

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  1. This could have been an epic event but instead was just average. Disney is known for it's creativity and a slight "cheese" factor. This has neither. Lack of communication was the biggest problem. Between someone green lighting filming of Modern Family during and at the busiest locations, things being shutdown but not on the list, menus switching w/o notice and things incorrect on the event program even cast members were at a loss sometimes. Yes, they had KIIS in Tomrrowland and random conga lines break out but if you're going to "go for the goal" how about putting up some count down clocks? Name your additional menu items things like leaping late night specials? There just isn't enough to do in Disneyland for 24 hours straight with what was offered. On the plus side there were lots of celebrities to see roaming about the park at all hours.