Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is "One More Disney Day" Worth It?

Nothing is better than walking around Disneyland in a state of severe sleep deprivation, right?
Wrong. I don’t know about you, but I’m a guy who appreciates a good, full night of sleep so I can tackle the next day at 100 percent.

Now, not all people are like this, especially my age, and Disney knows this. That’s why, during the busy seasons, the Magic Kingdom is sometimes open until three in the morning.

I’ve seen it, and sometimes when I was working those late hours, I would wonder what these people were going to do for the remainder of their vacation. The best way to do a park is to get there when it opens, which is impossible when that’s the time you get home from your hotel. Often, these groups were with small children, who wake up with the sunrise.

When my girlfriend came to visit while I was doing the College Program, we tried to do a late night, but didn’t last and instead decided to go back and sleep, hoping our foresight would make the next day better.

Which brings me to my topic for this post, buried in the fourth paragraph: Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom’s upcoming “One More Disney Day!” event coming up on Feb. 29, better known as leap day. On this day, the two parks will be open for 24 hours straight. (Boy, am I glad I don’t work at the Magic Kingdom right now. That’s gonna be tough.)

The event, in theory, sounds like a great promotion. It’s innovative and buzz worthy from a marketing viewpoint, but that is about the only purpose it serves. No one is going to enjoy a 22, 23, or 24 straight hour at Disneyland. There’s a lot to do, but not that much, and even if there was, nothing is fun when every step takes that much more effort.

With admission prices being as high as they are, many will try to squeeze every minute out of this special offer. Though, with the money they will no doubt spend on coffee and Five Hour Energy and the harsh, probably incomprehensible words sure to be yelled at each other in the 23rd hour, will it be worth it?

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