Saturday, February 5, 2011

Job: Normal. Location: Amazing

 I get to work in a place where, when I’m cleaning a popcorn kettle, fireworks go off behind me. Sure, the former part of that experience isn’t the most glamourous thing in the world, but how many other places can the latter happen on almost a nightly basis?

The "Wishes" fireworks spectacular

Or a place where, when you’re breaking down your ice cream cart, the "Main Street Electrical Parade" goes by, with its spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination in thousands of sparkling lights and electro-synthe-magnetic musical sounds is amazing. It’s one of the most iconic parades of all time, and on certain nights it’s ten feet in front of where I work.

Or at around three o’clock, the "Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade will go by. If I’m working the Liberty Square ice cream cart, the music is deafening, but oh so catchy.

 I wasn’t huge on parades before I got here, especially the afternoon ones, as they are geared for the younger crowd. Fireworks, those can be enjoyed by everyone. Same goes for "The Magic, the Memories and You!" nighttime spectacular. But parades: they have a more specific demographic that they’re geared towards.

The "Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade", which has grown on me
Having seen the "Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade" about eight times now, I have been converted. The music is so upbeat and fun, it’s difficult to fight off the urge to dance, so usually I don’t. The 40-year-old dancers are a different story, but I let that little indiscretion pass and just enjoy the cornucopia of Disney characters passing by.

Or, a couple of times a day, some petite fireworks go off for the castle shows with Mickey and friends.

Or the fact that yesterday, Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, was visiting the park where I work. Nothing like that happened when I worked at McDonald’s.

Sure, there are parts of my job that are not so enchanting, but they are dues paid for the things about it that are so unique and fantastic. So I’ll clean my popcorn kettle and count my drinks with freezing cold hands, and behind me, the "Wishes" fireworks who will be running, and I’ll be excited that I am where I am.

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  1. Its nice to read about a person who so enjoys their job!
    Good luck at Disney! Maybe I will see you there. I visit almost weekly (twice this week!)