Thursday, February 10, 2011

Social Awkwardness and Kids in the College Program

I don’t mean to sound like I complain all the time. I mean, I have problems with many things, but I don’t complain. To me complaining is when you don’t like something, and you express your distaste for it without offering a solution. I have solutions. Therefor, when I “complain,” I’m actually offering haphazardly constructed criticism.

With that warning, I’m going to go into the area that some people might label as “negative” or “complaining.” For people who don’t like to read that, you can go on a run or go talk to your like-minded friends about how great everything is.

A pretty picture of Cinderella's Castle, because there's not really anything that
illustrates this story well, so this will have to do

College Program kids are weird. There are exceptions to the rule (me), but from my experience here so far, it’s definitely a rule. I’ve talked to non-CP’ers who work at Disney World, and they are the ones who put the idea in my head. With that idea, I’ve been observing, and my experiences have proven them right.

It’s not hard to explain why. Just think about what the program really entails. Going to Disney World. Which most people associate with fun. It’s fun, but it’s also a work. You think that second part would work as a sort of sift, a detractor of sorts. It doesn’t.

The program also gives you a job and a place to live away from home. For most people, they go to college to do this. People who didn’t go away to college go to Disney College, which isn’t really college at all. But it’s easier to get into than most four-year schools, and has a lot more appeal since it’s at Disney World.

You’ll notice when you look around at the name tags, most colleges aren’t four-years. They’re community colleges. Now, there’s nothing wrong with going to a community college. I have some very good friends who went there, and I’m one of the first people from my family to not go to a CC. Also, last summer, I went to a CC, so I’ve been there and experienced it. CC’s are great decisions when you’re thinking financially. They’re also a great decision if you don’t want to leave mommy and daddy and the comfort they bring.

So the CC’ers decide that Disney World is worth leaving mommy and daddy for a couple of months. One thing they don’t have in their bag of tricks is that whole living on your own thing, so most of them are in a bit of shock, which makes people act weird. Let’s be even more real for a sentence: there are also some people who go to a CC because they’re just not the most socially adept people in the world. Many of them decide to go to the CP, too. If you went to a CC and that offends you, I’m sorry...that I don’t care.

You ever walk into a room, look around, and say to yourself, “I’m the most normal one in here”? That's not a rare feeling for me here. And it’s not that I’m arrogant. It’s not that I’m not arrogant, either, but I’m not the only one who feels that way. There are many normal people here, or whatever word you want to use. Normal doesn’t really exist, but you should get the gist of what I’m saying. Socially inept might be better.

I can deal with it though. They’re just in it for fun. I’m here to leave a mark on the company, so people making fools of themselves in social situations means very little to me. That's my solution. For me, it’s just fun to comment on.

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