Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walt as a Character

Ever since French Artist Pascal Witaszek posted his faux-film poster of a Walt Disney biopic, the inter web has been ablaze with praise over how real the poster looked, and how people really wanted it to be real. For real.

I am one of those people, with Ryan Gosling being one of my favorite contemporary actors, and Walt Disney being just about my favorite person of all time and with film being one of my favorite things to watch, it would combine a lot of my scattered favorites into one lovely thing. One of my other favorite things: run on sentences.

But 'twas a fake, and the Disney studios have not announced any plans to release a feature about their founder. Yet. It will happen. No icon makes it this long without a biopic.

But much like Marilyn Monroe in "My Week With Marilyn," Walt may show up in a movie that's focuses on a part of his life instead of the whole thing.

The film, which will be titled "Saving Mr. Banks," is proposed to follow Walt through his 14-year long struggle to turn the pages of Mary Poppins into a motion picture. It's a little-known story that should make for a well-reviewed film. The Australian author of the Mary Poppins series, PL Travers, will be likely be played by Emma Thompson. Travers was unhappy with the outcome of the Academy Award winning film adaption of her book. She was about the only one.

So, it's not Ryan Gosling. Walt was too old during this time of his life to be played by Gosling (who, later in life from the aged make-up job he had in "All Good Things," doesn't quite look like Walt). The actor rumored to be playing Mr. Disney: Tom Hanks: my favorite actor. So I guess it will work out for my preferences.

Hanks, the voice of Woody in the three Toy Story films and yet-to-be-determined-number of shorts, will do Walt quite a justice. He's a two-time best picture winner, and seems to be just a great all around, funny guy.

But this doesn't satiate my desire for the Gosling-as-Walt biopic to be made. Get on that, Disney.

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