Thursday, April 5, 2012

Avoiding "Disneyline:" Animation Academy

As someone who (used to) go to the parks of Walt Disney World regularly, at a certain point, the rides lose their appeal.

Speaking from the perspective of someone who hasn't been to a Disney park in a couple of months, I would love to go on Space Mountain or Tower of Terror or really any Disney ride right this moment.

But if you visit frequently, it becomes less about the thrill and more about just being there. I'm someone who likes to stay busy, so I need to do just a tad bit more than soak up the wonderful atmosphere that exists within the parks.

One of my favorite things to do was go over to Hollywood Studios (or if you're on the west coast, Disney California Adventure) and participate in the Animation Academy.

It doesn't matter if you can't draw (OK, it kind of does. If you do this, and your sketch ends up not even resembling the teacher's perfect, seemingly effortless masterpiece, it's only human to be frustrated.), the instructions are easy to follow, and you get a free, hand made (by your own hand) souvenir to take home and display on the fridge (or line your birdcage).

When I first started going to the Animation Academy at Hollywood Studios, I drew Woody. He looked like half his face had been exposed to some intense heat. But I got better.

Now, when I'm bored, I like pull up a "how to draw" tutorial and sketch one of my favorite Disney characters. It's relaxing, and there's nothing more rewarding than turning a blank page into one of your favorite characters.

(I just got the Paper app for my iPad, dropped the $8 on the extra drawing utensils, and had a great time sketching the Sorcerer Mickey seen above.)


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