Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remaking the Mountain

My Google updates (my secret has been revealed! It's like you've seen my backstage) have been exploding (I've gotten like 6 updates) about the Matterhorn's $1 million refurbishment. 

Many of the articles (at least two) mention the fact that some guests to Disneyland were disappointed to find out upon seeing the mountain dressed in scaffolding that they would not get to ride down the famous 1/100 reproduction of the Swiss peak.

When I was working at Walt Disney World, I showed up in January and in February, Mickey's Toontown Faire was closed to become the double-Dumbo'ed Storybook Circus.

You want to know how many times people asked me where Mickey's house was? (Hint: that was a rhetorical question, with the answer being a large, annoying answer.)

If I was in a smart-alec mood, I would tell them "It's in Anaheim!" If I was in a literal mood, I'd tell them the truth. But always, after the question, I would ask myself "How much money did these people spend to come here, and they didn't figure out pre-visit that Toontown would be a relic of the past?"

The Disneyland monorail passes by the Matterhorn
(Glenn Koenig, Los Angeles Times / February 2, 2012)
So, it's no secret how much sympathy I feel for these people who are surprised about the Matterhorn's status. It's always been my strong held belief to make plans and do your research.  

You know the internet? That thing you're connected to right now. It's a great resource, especially when you're about to drop a couple grand on a vacation and you'd like to know what you're going to get for all that money you spent. Though, if you're reading this, you probably know that, and I just wasted your time. Sorry about that.

Since I will not be missing anything, as I won't be visiting Disneyland between now and June (but my mom will, sorry mom! But I don't get to go so ha! Serves you right for not taking me!), I'm happy that the mountain will be shiny with it's new snow (paint) and its new ride vehicles when my next visit comes!

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