Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Believe...That the Holiday Fireworks Show Could Have Been Better

It's that time of the year again, and all that other cliched jazz. Not that you'd be able to tell in Southern California right now. Disneyland has quite a bit of work for them the day after Thanksgiving, getting the park to look like it's located in some inhospitable midwestern location that's appealing for about 25 days of the year.

It really is one of the most wonderful times to visit the park. With its gigantic christmas tree, nightly fallings of fake snow, wreaths, hand made candy canes, and hundres of other little things that make Disneyland one of the most festive places during the holiday season.
The show

Yet not everything about the holiday overlays makes me jolly. As I previously discussed, the holiday overlay at the Haunted Mansion spooks me, but not in the right way. In short, some things about the Christmas time at Disneyland are an improvement, and some aren't.

Under the category of going from great to good would have to be the holiday fireworks show, "Believe...In Holiday Magic." After waiting for over an hour, so we could views the show from the perfect spot, I was sad to find out the fireworks display was not what I expected. In all, the show was too short, and lacked a good story.

Over the years I've been lucky enough to view "Remember... Dreams Come True" a couple of times, and unfortunately for all other firework displays following it, it's the standard I use to evaluate. This means that I'm disappointed by just about every local fireworks show, but being dissatisfied with a Disneyland show, that was something new.

Disney, having made the standard for telling stories with fireworks, achieved near perfection with "Remember," using Julie Andrew's narration, the "E-Tickets in the Sky" segment, it was so much more than just fireworks, even with the fireworks. There was fire, lasers and more. With "Holiday Magic," I was honestly just as thrilled with the lighting of Cinderella's castle. The fireworks show left me wanting so much more. I actually waited for a while in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, just to make sure it was actually over. Unfortunately, it was, and I was left with a kind of void.

I guess even Disney can't bat 1000. They're no Pixar.

What's been your favorite fireworks show of the past? Does any part of the holiday overlay at the Disney parks leave you disappointed?


  1. I also saw the fireworks this year but from a more unique perspective. Since it was so crowded my family, girlfriend, and myself decided to try and squeeze in thunder mountain one last time before the army of mickey minions kicked us out. As we got on the ride the fireworks started shooting off and it was definitely one of my most memorable experiences whipping around turns as lights exploded in the sky overhead.

  2. I'm definitely on a different page than you as far as Haunted Mansion Holiday is concerned, but like you I was a little underwhelmed with "Believe In Holiday Magic", too.

    Like you, when it was over, I just kept standing there expecting more. I don't even remember there being a true finale! It just ended!! But my kids LOVED it.

    I wonder sometimes if we read too much into these things.